How to use electronic cigarette ce4 can be question of the day as these new electronic cigarettes are getting charge of the cigarettes markets and more and more users are interested in knowing how to use electronic cigarette ce4. The usage of these electronic cigarettes is not rocket science yet; certain things are there which one must keep in mind while using ce4 for the very first time. The primary important thing to note is that while you open the kit for ce4, you will find its battery a little bit charged which happens during its manufacture and this battery can be utilized as well. But, full charging of the battery at first place is quite recommended. Manufacturer of ce4 usually recommend charging these batteries for at least 8 hours and one must keep charging even if the USB charging button turns green, then remove the battery and use it for 20 minutes, then again put it on charge for next one hour. This is how to use electronic cigarette ce4 at very first stage. The best thing about its USB chargers is that these can be charged in any USB port even you can charge the battery while working on your laptop.


The next essential thing to learn about how to use electronic cigarette ce4 is to know about its parts. Once you get insight to its parts, it will be quite easier for you to maintain your electronic cigarette and look for any damages if there are any. For your convenience, ce4 is one of the simplest devices ever with only two parts that is, the battery and the ce4. The battery is 650 mAh lithium Ion battery which is considered more durable as compared to other batteries and ce4 is atomizer plus tank unit while holds e-liquid. How to use electronic cigarette ce4 produces the issue of filling the tank and using the cigarette which may be quite difficult procedure for some of the users. Two things which can be used for filling u the tank are standard drip bottle and needle tip. One can use which best suits him.


The procedure of how to use electronic cigarette ce4 is comprised of removing mouthpiece, holding the clearomizer at 45 degree and dripping the liquid with needle tip or standard drip bottle at sides of the tank, continue filling until it reaches the bottom of rubber cover, and then place mouthpiece and screw it again. This was all about how to fill it.

The next essential thing is maintenance of ce4 electronic cigarette. While putting it in your pocket, keep in mind to carry it horizontally otherwise; it will start leaking from above. In order for wicks to suck the last drops of e-liquid, hold it horizontally and try that e-liquid gets into the wicks. You must not misuse your electronic cigarette ce4 and refill it before it gets empty. Its USB charger can be charged through USB port of any laptop but it must be inserted in USB ports directly inspite of inserting in USB Ports extensions. Hopefully, after following all these simple tips, you will able to learn how to use electronic cigarette ce4.